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Google Adsense Mistakes You Should Avoid to Prevent Getting Banned

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Google Adsense Mistakes You Should Avoid to Prevent Getting Banned

We have been working with Google Adsense for a decade already.

As you can see we have decided to write about top mistakes to avoid with Adwords. Those ideas and thoughts will help you charge your blog business without errors and mistakes.

1. Mobile Display Issues

That’s the biggest problem for almost 99% of Adsense bloggers.

Do you know that most of the Internet users come online with smartphones or tablets?

When we knew about the latest data on mobile usage, find out that way too much money was left on the table. We left hundreds of dollars on the table because our blogs were not optimized for mobile.

That’s the one side of the problem – not having a mobile-optimized website. There is another side of the problem – not having mobile Ads through your blog content.

If your website template/theme (it could be any content management system) is not mobile optimized, then start remaking it right away.

If you are starting a blog right now, then don’t buy a website that can’t be fully explored with your smartphone.

Keep in mind that the Google Adsense dashboard gives you mobile Ads also. That’s great info for everyone because you won’t be losing money anymore. So, before placing mobile ads on the blog, the first test from your smartphone. Ads visibility and width should be reader-friendly.

2. Busy website syndrome.

When it comes to passion, you can’t stop. Blog owners deliver more and more content to readers. That’s how bloggers breathe and exist. They want the reader to know more about a specific niche.

It could have a bad scenario. Most of the bloggers make a website (especially homepage) full of information. Don’t overdo it – UX (user experience) is essential.

Yes, readers want lots of information to explore, but don’t complicate the situation. The website should be very clean and easy to navigate. Don’t put lots of content on the homepage or a specific page.

Magazine type of templates are popular, and you can also buy it for your website. Give your reader a good user experience, and it will be converted into high payouts from Adsense.

3. Test to fail & succeed

If you don’t understand the basic idea of marketing, you won’t be successful in the blogging industry. What should you do differently? Well, marketers always test. No matter if the test could lead to failure, you will be wiser and do it again differently.

How can you succeed with Adsense? You may be making $5-10 per day with your blog currently, but there is a possibility to make more. What’s the secret you may ask. There are no secrets to blogging success; it’s all about the data.

Start testing ad placements. Every website template is different; each of them has some advantages. You should take those advantages and start testing. For example, Adsense gives you various types of Ads – all different sizes, colors, etc.

Exactly a month ago, we were helping one of our clients in the sports industry. They had an eye-catching website layout and impressive quality of content. There was one issue – the blog was not making enough money as it was planned. With a weekly ad test, we have tripled their Adsense income.

4. Navigation and a drop-down menu

In some cases, drop-down menus are beautiful. 90% of the website have creative and navigation menus. Keep in mind that the drop-down menu could be problematic at some point. For example, while having a mobile layout drop-down menu may hide Adsense ads.

Test the ads placement yourself. If you decide to put Google Adsense right after the first paragraph, then test everything manually. At some point, if a drop-down menu is long (having lots of categories or pages), then the first paragraph advert could be hidden by the menu.

5. Too many Ads on a single page.

Do you know that Google allows only three ad units on a single page? Well, there are thousands of blogs that mixed different ad networks.

If you want to maximize your profit, then it’s better to stick with only one ad network. Adsense has the highest payouts when it comes to PPC. Keep in mind that mixing Adsense ad sets with another network could be your biggest mistake.

Google crawlers always care about quality. That’s why Google crawlers visit your website frequently.

Sooner or later, the system will find that you are adding other networks on the site. It could be a severe problem and may get a manual check from a Google representative itself.

6. Never click on your ads.

We know that most of the bloggers who start with a digital world, they have a different approach. For example, some of the newbie bloggers who have not earned money yet, don’t believe in the system and want to game the process. That’s why they click on their Adsense ads.

Clicking on your advert could lead to serious problems. Have you heard about a manual check from Google’s representative? It’s the worst scenario in the blogging world. Clicking on your ads frequently may lead to manual inspection.

7. Putting ads on a clean webpage.

Never put Adsense ads on a clean page. Google allows showing ads only on the content page. Content means words and sentences. If you have not an article (even mini-article) on a web page, then you should not display Google’s ads.

Some websites entirely focus on Pinterest or other social networks. So, they display images only, and that could be an issue. Don’t add adverts on a webpage without content – it’s a big NO.

Read the full article here: by Vinod Bokhiriya

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