From AdSense Insights to AdSense Insiders!

It’s been a long road…


I thought it would be fun to start this site off with a trip to the past. I have been using AdSense for a long time and it just so happens that today I was poking around on the Way Back Machine looking at old webpages when I found a gem of my own.  I thought the domain had gone away a long time ago but I figured I better check to be sure… And there it was.

This was a dynamic DNS service from way back in 2005. I had many sites based on this domain and the one I’m talking about now was

Now don’t laugh, this was a pretty cool website back in 2005.  Here is it…

AdSense Insights





Click to visit a recovered version of the page

Well… it WAS really cool back then!  All the good old fashion things you would hope to see are on the page. Like Really Simple Site and even my old keyword tool, the Formula One Keyword List Generator. This was cutting edge stuff back then and bordered on Blackhat for sure! I wounder is ever made a comeback. Google Killed them for stepping on their toes and calling out the big low paying advertisers and posting a list of sites to filter  from your AdWords ads. (It’s still going on exactly the same today)

You may have noticed, I replaced the ad code with new AdSense code. The account I had back then is long gone into the history of past miss deeds and things gone bye bye But that stupid ad scroller still works!.